3rd Party Review

AquAeTer participated as part of a Hydroqual team to evaluate wastewater treatment system options for two fully integrated pulp & paper mills in South America. Wes Eckenfelder and Paul Marotta, both of AquAeTer, participated as technical experts on the team. Wes’s 60+ years of industrial wastewater treatment experience and Paul’s 20+ years of industrial pulp and paper experience added a broad experienced-based skill set to the HydroQual team. AquAeTer’sdeveloped a recommendation that offered significantly lower capital investment and energy savings. Base line recommendations to replace both systems with activated sludge wastewater treatment systems were ~$11 million per facility. These concepts were replaced with a recommended option which included upstream segregated stream wastewater treatment. Our team’s recommended option included a capital cost of $7 million with an annual energy savings component of $2 million per year.

AquAeTer provided the following services to its client for this sampling and reporting project:

  • Current and historic data analysis
  • Developed and evaluated four primary upgrade scenarios
  • Analysis of other mill processes to identify alternative options
  • Final recommendation for system upgrade