Corrective Action

AquAeTer was asked to assist a client at a wood treating facility that formally used Chromated Copper Arsenate as a wood preservative. Elevated concentrations of arsenic had been detected in downgradiant monitoring wells from the process area. AquAeTer conducted soil and groundwater sampling to determine potential source areas for elevated arsenic. Geochemical analyses were conducted to determine background geologic conditions and site specific trends. Trends related to arsenic mobility identified during geochemical analysis include relationships between ORP, pH, DO of the groundwater, total TOC content, and soil properties (clay, sand, silt soil content). These data were used to develop a Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) for the site which will include voluntary selective removal of site soils containing elevated levels of arsenic.

AquAeTer provided the following services to its client for this sampling and reporting project:

  • Site Characterization
  • NPDES Permitting
  • Soil and Groundwater Sampling and Analysis
  • Remedial Investigations
  • Geochemical Analysis
  • Soil Removal
  • Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA)