Radioactive Waste

AquAeTer was asked to participate on an expert panel to statistically and quantitatively evaluate the potential risk to human health posed by the continued presence of closed radioactive waste burial trenches at the Western New York Nuclear Service Center. The Quantitative Risk Assessment panel considered a wide range of possible scenarios under which disposed radioactive materials could be released to the environment and transported to points where human receptors could be impacted. AquAeTer’s primary areas of contribution dealt with failure and transport modes. The QRA report will be included in the facility Environment Impact Statement.

AquAeTer provided the following services to its client for this sampling and reporting project:

  • Review of disposal site physical conditions
  • Review of disposal site hydrogeology
  • Review of disposal site surface-water hydrology
  • Evaluation of slope instability as a failure mode
  • Evaluation of shallow and deep groundwater flow as failure modes
  • Quantification of releases to the environment possible under these failure modes
  • Quantification of impacted media transport to potential receptor locations
  • Contribution to the report of QRA findings