AquAeTer works with energy companies, oil and gas facilities, manufacturing, and waste management facilities, as well as national and international financial institutions, real estate developers, law firms, commercial businesses and telecommunications companies, and partnering consultants for industrial, commercial, legal, financial and local, state and federal projects.

clients-1.jpg We are thankful to our clients who we consider part of the AquAeTer family. The variety of challenging projects we have worked on through the years has enabled us to grow and thrive as a company. We have waded together (knee-deep) in creeks and streams from Georgia to Texas conducting water-quality studies; performed drilling investigations in the mountains of Colorado and Utah; overseen construction of landfill cells in the Nevada desert; collected water quality samples from the Aleutians to the Virgin Islands; remediated groundwaters from Nevada to Pennsylvania; managed environmental Phase I Site Assessments from Hawaii to South Africa; chased alligators out of ponds to treat wastewater effluent; spent late nights and weekends with attorneys preparing expert testimony; and participated in more conference calls and meetings than we can remember with clients and State and Federal regulatory agencies to prepare final revisions to permit applications.

We truly appreciate our clients and having the opportunity to work alongside them as part of their team. We celebrate the victories they achieve with property transactions, approved permits, environmental compliance, successful mitigations, modifications to facility designs, and processes that improve the bottom line at their businesses.