Providing our clients the most customized services for each project, AquAeTer’s environmental professionals have decades of experience in Wastewater Treatment and other related services including the following:

System Evaluations and Upgrades

An initial treatment system review of existing/historical system performance data supplied by the facility is conducted.  It is recommended that this review be followed by an on-site facility visit, however it is not absolutely required.  These preliminary activities typically identify system challenges as well as potential upgrade opportunities for further investigation.  The additional evaluations can include engineering calculations, computational models, additional sampling/testing, etc.

Pilot and Bench Scale Evaluations

Complexities associated with industrial wastewater treatment requires the design and operation of a scaled down test to demonstrate that the recommended upgrade or operational change will deliver the results predicted by engineering estimates or models.

Computational Modeling

Models range in complexity from steady state spreadsheet calculation tools to sophisticated kinetic models, capable of analyzing transient conditions for complete wastewater treatment systems.  AquAeTer’s experience is required to ensure that a model with sufficient granularity is selected for the specific application, i.e., right tool for the job.

Litigation Support

Expert report development based on analyses such as establishing the capacity of the wastewater treatment system before and after upgrades, operational and maintenance practice reviews, etc.

Wastewater Services

  • Biological Treatment
  • Expert Testimony
  • Nutrient Removal
  • Physical/Chemical Treatment Analysis
  • Process Evaluation and Design
  • Process Modeling
  • Third Party Design Reviews
  • Toxicity Reduction Analysis
  • Treatment Plant Capacity Analysis
  • Treatability Investigations
  • Treatment of Volatile Organics
  • Wastewater Workshops/Seminars