The ability to provide energy while maintaining the critical balance of our environment requires long-term planning that considers impacts to many receptors. AquAeTer provides services to the energy industry from the front end of the energy cycle during exploration and collection of resources, to power generation and waste disposal. We collect and model the necessary environmental data, assist with permitting and compliance and design waste management facilities with innovative technologies that are constantly improving to meet regulatory requirements. We understand our clients’ goals and help them make informed decisions in order to meet the social, economic and environmental factors involved in sustainable investments.

  • Carbon Credits / Sequestering Analysis
  • Coal and Uranium Resource Evaluations and Modeling
  • Environmental Permitting for Air, Water, and Waste
  • Mine Tailings Management
  • NRC Permitting
  • Petroleum Exploration Impacts and Remediation
  • Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR)
  • Radiation Dose Assessment in the Environment
  • Siting Studies
  • Waste Management
  • Water Quality and Water Resource Evaluations