Corporate Sustainability

corp-sust1.jpg Historically, many have thought of sustainability in regards to environmental concerns. There are really three aspects of sustainability which include: environmental, social, and economic. Sustainability has become a popular term in today’s culture, but it’s certainly not a new concept to our professionals at AquAeTer.

Throughout our careers we have worked alongside industrial manufacturers, industry organizations, real estate developers, financial institutions, and government, helping minimize their impacts on our environment, our communities, and our global economy. We have helped them measure CO2 emissions, performed life cycle assessments of manufactured products, utilized solar technology in treatment plant upgrades, reduced water and energy consumption in upstream plant processes, developed “green” groundwater remediation systems that are non-evasive and require no energy to operate, and developed regulatory guidance on alternative landfill covers that utilize local plants and materials.

We are proud of the work we have achieved for our clients and industries in meeting their sustainability goals. Each of our employees also embrace the idea of a sustainable planet.

In our own daily practices at AquAeTer, we have a mindset that is cognitive of all three of these areas of sustainability. Environmentally, we recycle our own office waste including paper, cardboard, aluminum and steel, plastic and glass materials and printing cartridges. More importantly, we are environmental consultants and engineers and by training and practice, environmental stewards. Without our interest in the environment and work towards a sustainable environment, we cease to have a professional purpose. We believe that our clients’ best interests are served best with sustainability in mind.

Economically, we manage our project tasks as efficiently as possible in order to pass on the best value to our clients. Our project managers carefully assign the best staff member to a task, based on the technical expertise required and their associated bill rate. This provides the best value to the client and delivers sustainable solutions that will last. These cost savings to our clients, in turn, help them achieve project and budget goals that subsequently impact their communities for future generations. Since a large part of our work load comes from repeat business and well established industries, our fate is directly tied to their success.

When considering the Social impacts of sustainability, not only are we impacting the communities our clients serve, but our own AquAeTerian’s have tremendous impact in the communities where we live. Our employees take an active role in giving back. Every year we support families in need, by providing gifts for their children. We also volunteer time and dollars to support community food banks, foundations and other national causes such as the Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Several of our staff serve on outside boards or committees that are community service oriented. We would never recommend a solution that leaves the industry in conflict with its neighbors.

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