Air Permitting

Air Permit

AquAeTer was retained by a mining company to prepare an application for an Air Quality Operating Permit. Upon issuance of the permit, AquAeTer provided compliance assistance by designing a program to address permit issues, identify compliance points, and conduct baseline opacity monitoring. The opacity monitoring was conducted by a certified opacity reader. The opacity resulting from dust generated by the processing of ore was quantified at a baseline process throughput and initial compliance with the permit was demonstrated. A technical report was prepared to submit the monitoring results to the regulatory agency.

To demonstrate ongoing compliance with the permit, AquAeTercreated spreadsheets to track rolling average inputs of ore and intermediates at compliance points within the process. AquAeTer performed additional permit compliance activities including developing a dust control management program for the roads at the facility. AquAeTer evaluated alternative methods for recommendation to the client. These methods included using stormwater collected onsite, equipping ore transport vehicles with individual dust suppression systems, and use of chemical additives. These alternatives were evaluated for cost, effectiveness, reliability, and maintenance.

AquAeTer provided the following services to its client for this sampling and reporting project:

  • Prepared application for Air Operating Permit
  • Designed plan for meeting operating requirements
  • Performed Baseline Monitoring
  • Prepared Opacity Study Technical Report
  • Presented results to the State