Asbestos Inspections

Asbestos Inspections

AquAeTer is familiar with multiple state regulatory requirements and has performed asbestos inspections and managed asbestos abatement projects in Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Kentucky.

AquAeTer provided environmental site assessment (ESA) services to a developer who was planning on constructing a retail pharmacy on the site of a former hotel in West Point, Mississippi. During the Phase I ESA potential asbestos containing material (ACM) was noted through the property. Most notably the pipes in the attic were coated in a brittle insulation.

A resultant ACM inspection revealed that the pipe wrap was 70% Chryositle Asbestos. Special precautions were required for the pre-demolition asbestos abatement.

AquAeTer worked with a local abatement company and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Air Division to manage the removal of ACM. AquAeTer was able to coordinate with the removal contractor to allow the developer to meet crucial deadlines and allow the retail facility to be developed as planned.

AquAeTer provided the following services to its client for this sampling and reporting project:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Asbestos Inspection
  • Management of Asbestos Abatement