Hydrogeologic Characterization

AquAeTer was retained by its client to thoroughly review and update the hydrogeologic characterization and ground-water monitoring system for permitting a major landfill expansion on the Colorado Front Range. We revised the characterization of the groundwater regime for this Greenfield site, and that revision became instrumental in obtaining State of Colorado concurrence with an ‘alternative liner system’ that the agency had not considered viable until the hydrogeologic setting was clearly redefined. That determination by the State, and the revised groundwater monitoring program that also was approved, will save our client over seven million dollars.

AquAeTer provided the following services to its client for this sampling and reporting project:

  • Review the prior hydrogeologic characterization
  • Plan and conduct a confirmatory investigation
  • Develop the updated site hydrogeologic model
  • Prepare the monitoring plan incorporating the use of low-flow methods for well purging and sampling
  • Install appropriate groundwater monitoring wells
  • Participate in presentations to the State