Contaminant Source Investigation Using GIS Technology

Investigation Using GIS

AquAeTer was retained by its client to assist with litigation involving sediment contamination that had allegedly originated on a specific industrial site. However, the site was located in an area with a long history of industrial activity.

AquAeTer conducted intensive research to identify sources of geographic data to support the client’s case. Resources included historic maps, aerial photographs, fire insurance maps, as well as a variety of geographic data from local and state government sources. These data were geo-referenced and analyzed to identify all possible sources of sediment contamination.

AquAeTer identified over 300 point sources of contamination, including many with a large areal extent covering the Site itself. The deliverable products from the AquAeTer GIS were used in the case to illustrate the numerous alternate sources of the sediment contamination in this highly industrialized area.

AquAeTer provided the following services to its client for this project:

  • Intensive research for data sources;
  • Geo-referencing of raster graphics;
  • Geodatabase creation to store time enabled data;
  • Analysis of data to identify point sources;
  • Digitization of point and polygon contaminant sources from raster graphics;
  • Creation of digital GIS files and metadata;
  • Development of visual aids for use in trial.