Determination of the Ideal Effluent Diffuser Location

Effluent Diffuser

AquAeTer was retained by an industrial client to assist with an effluent diffuser relocation project. The goal was to determine the ideal location with respect to the river hydraulics and geomorphology. It was determined that the best method of data collection would be by use of an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP). Our trained field staff was deployed to collect the data using a trimaran mounted ADCP that was towed behind AquAeTer’s research vessel.

Thousands of data points containing magnitude and direction throughout the water column were collected. These data were then imported to the Geographic Information System (GIS) to be analyzed. Each data point was filtered and categorized based on the magnitude and direction. The data were displayed in a manor that allowed for effortless visualization and three-dimensional delineation of the local eddy turbulence.

AquAeTer provided the following services to its client for this project:

  • Determined the best data collection method;
  • Performed ADCP data collection;
  • Performed Bathymetric Survey;
  • Performed River Discharge Measurements;
  • Performed Data Quality Analysis of ADCP data:
  • Created 3D model to best display ADCP data in a comprehensible format;
  • Ultimately determined best river channel placement for effluent diffuser to avoid eddy turbulence.