Expert Testimony

Expert Testimony

To begin, AquAeTer conducted a combination of random and judgmental sampling of surface soils in the yards of citizens near an industrial facility to determine the presence of dioxins, furans, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and pentachlorophenol (PCP) in these yards. Highly specific EPA methods were employed to obtain the soil samples and prepare the samples for analysis so the data would be defensible in court.

In addition, AquAeTer also conducted home inspections and documented the presence of alternative sources of these chemicals in the homes and yards of the residents. An extensive literature search and modeling of test data reveals that large quantities of the chemicals of concern (COCs) were emitted by sources in the homes and yards of the citizens.

The data from the studies conducted by AquAeTer, were utilized by the EPA as expert testimony, for an Environmental Indicators Memorandum that found that “current human exposures and migration of contaminated groundwater are under control.”

AquAeTer provided the following services to its client for this sampling and reporting project:

  • Development of a detailed sampling plan to ensure impartial, defensible sample results
  • Soil Sampling at residences and background locations
  • Photographic documentation of the sampling and potential alternative sources of the COCs
  • Home inspections to determine the presence of alternate sources of chemicals in the home
  • Evaluation of chemical properties and probable environmental transport routes
  • Preparation of an Expert Report
  • Expert Testimony