Non-Rad Wastewater Treatment Conceptual Design

Non-Rad Wastewater Treatment

AquAeTer was retained to conduct a study to determine the options available to treat the non-rad wastestream from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  The primary concern was meeting water quality limits for metals in the receiving stream. Bench-scale treatability studies were performed to determine the alternatives to meeting low microgram per liter concentrations of metals being discharged to White Oak Creek or the Clinch River through a state-issued NPDES Permit. Several alternatives were tested and cost estimates were presented for consideration. Additionally, alternatives to meeting water quality limits at the end of pipe were presented including mixing zones and biological translators.

AquAeTer provided the following services to its client for this wastewater treatment project:

  • Design objectives and constraints planning;
  • Bench-scale treatability studies;
  • Engineering design calculations;
  • Cost Estimates for implementing the top three alternatives;
  • Alternatives to meeting permit limits at end of pipe; and
  • Final recommendations.