Methylene Chloride (MC) Risk Evaluation Completed

Harmful Chemicals according to EPA

Author: Pamela Hoover, P.E

The Environmental Protection Agency has been evaluating Methylene Chloride (MC) and has completed the evaluation. The evaluation determines some uses of MC to be harmful to humans under The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

MC is used in a wide range of industrial applications, including many adhesives, solvents and paint removal products.    The EPA will now begin the process of developing ways to address the unreasonable risks identified.  The EPA has up to one year to propose and take public comments on any risk management actions.

This evaluation determination does not require a new permit, declaration, or inspection for business’ at this time. AquAeTer will alert our clients if this changes. 

Under AquAeTer‘s regulatory compliance services — we evaluate current, potential, and upcoming regulations and compliance.

More information can be found at

Note: Disposal of these products; adhesives, solvents and paint remover, are controlled by the Environmental Protection Agency. Please view their website at for more information on how to recycle these products safely.

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