AquAeTer Nuclear Waste Expert Elected Trustee with the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists

Dr. James H. Clarke, Technical Director of Environmental Forensics for AquAeTer, and Professor of the Practice of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Vanderbilt University has been elected to Trustee of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists (AAEES).

With the AAEES, he leads a Task Force charged with developing ways to better integrate the Board Certified Environmental Science (BCES) members into the Academy. Jim also serves on the AAEES Certification Through Eminence Committee, the American Academy of Environmental Scientists Certification Board, the Hazardous Waste Management and Site Remediation Committee and is the Trustee Liaison with the Environmental Life Sciences and the Environmental Chemistry Committees.

Dr. Clarke was a member of the former Nuclear Regulatory Commission Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste and Materials (ACNW&M) where he was the lead committee member on decommissioning, and advised the NRC on issues concerning the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste disposal project. He is also a former consultant to the NRC Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards and its subcommittee on radiation protection and nuclear materials, and to the overall nuclear waste regulatory program. He was a member of the National Academy’s Committee on Remediation of Buried and Tank Waste, and is a peer reviewer for the National Academy, the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.