AquAeTer Offers Residential Asbestos Inspections and Sampling

Jerrod Manning in AquAeTer’s Brentwood, TN office is a licensed asbestos inspector who provides a professional, ethical, and cost-effective asbestos inspection and sampling service for home owners.

“The rise of home renovation television programming has led to an uptick in residential DIY projects, which has also raised concern of coming into contact with asbestos in older homes. Individuals beginning or in the middle of working on their homes have encountered situations where asbestos sampling is required to evaluate the safety of them and their families and determine if any materials need to be removed. We will be honest and up front about any asbestos related issues that a resident may encounter, we will provide a complete analysis of any samples taken, and will help the homeowner through the next process.”

If you have questions about asbestos inspections and sampling please contact Jerrod Manning at 615-373-8532 or by email at