Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

Environmental projects have strong spatial and geographic components. Almost all of our projects utilize GIS in some way. We have found that it is a powerful tool that we use for research, to analyze data, and to communicate information to a wide variety of end users. It is our experience that no two projects are alike. AquAeTer’s GIS Team efficiently create custom GIS solutions for each and every client. Our clients value our ability to create a GIS that is flexible and can change with the project as it evolves. We work closely with our clients to understand the story they want to tell and develop custom deliverables that help them achieve their goals. Whether the end products are simple data tables or complex maps, geo-databases and diagrams, AquAeTer’s GIS department will handle the job.

Case Studies
Determination of the Ideal Effluent Diffuser Location
AquAeTer used an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler along with GIS to help an industrial client determine the ideal location to install a diffuser.
Site Contamination Forensics Using GIS Technology
​AquAeTer was retained by its client to assist with a litigation involving groundwater, soil and sediment contamination. AquAeTer identified previously unrecognized patterns in the boring data which led to the identification of preferential pathways for groundwater and the associated contaminant plume
Contaminant Source Investigation Using GIS Technology
​AquAeTer was retained by its client to assist with litigation involving sediment contamination that had allegedly originated on a specific industrial site. However, the site was located in an area with a long history of industrial activity that had the same constituents of concern.
GIS Services
  • Environmental Geo-Forensics
  • Environmental Field Data Collection
  • Stormwater Feature Inventories
  • Subsurface Investigations
  • Terrain Modeling
  • Stream Current Profiling
  • Geographic Data Analysis
  • Litigation Support